About UAV Mapping

Our Company
The staff at UAV Mapping NZ Ltd possess a wide range of experience and skillsets. From UAV operators, commercial pilots, technical trades and former Armed Forces personnel. Our staff are our strength and the foundation for a truly capable, industry-leading deployable solution.
Platforms available

UAV Mapping specialise in fixed UAV acquisition but also utilise manned light aircraft, Cessna 185/172 and a R44 Helicopter.  This gives UAV Mapping a great deal of flexibility in choosing the right platform for the task required.

Multiple products

xyz Point cloud data, ortho images in multiple formats and specialist 3D Virtual world data are core data products.  Specialist GIS data such as slope , contours and cartographic products are all available.

Acquisition Technology

Acquisition technology enables UAV Mapping NZ to ensure timely and accurate acquistion occurs.  Certain products require certain environmental conditions for suitable results.  Contacts us for more information.

Fixed Wing UAV Specialist

Fixed wing UAVs with high endurance allow UAV Mapping NZ to conduct acquistion at low altitude and high resolution for relatively low cost. Years of experience allow us to maximise the opportunities that fixed wing systems offer for large areas.